Sermons on Salvation

The One World Religion – August 7, 2016

In Revelation 17, John sees the Harlot riding on the beast. The false religions, which have their roots at the Tower of Babel, is the doctrine this entity espouses. Anything that draws the people away from the truth and keeps them blinded to the Grace of God. We still see this false religion today and sadly many professing Christians are drawn away from the Truth. Today, we need to know the Gospel, we need to experience the Grace so that we may be able to defend and promote the TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. This one world religion that we see in the Tribulation is an instrument of Satan and the Anti-Christ and when the usefulness of this organization is over, she will be destroyed by Satan himself. Make no mistake, judgment is coming, either from the Hand of God or the treachery of Satan. Our challenge today: KNOW the TRUTH, DEFEND the TRUTH, PROMOTE the TRUTH.