Sermons on Heaven

The Four Alleluias – August 21, 2016

The events of Revelation are coming to a close. John witnesses the scene in Heaven as the Praise and Worship of God continues. In the beginning of Revelation 19 we find 4 Alleluias, The Alleluia of Victory, of Vengeance, of Worship, and of the Wedding. The time has come for the Bride to be presented to the Lamb. She has made herself ready and will be presented spotless and without blemish to the LORD. Oh what a day that will be!

Babylon is Fallen – August 14, 2016

The Proclamation is announced, BABYLON IS FALLEN. There is nothing left for mankind to place their hope in. All material things are lost and there is nowhere else to turn. And again, before judgment falls, God calls His people to come out from among the heathen so that they may be saved. God’s Grace and Mercy is abundant. As the earth mourns, there is rejoicing in Heaven, because GOD IS ON THE THRONE. The vengeance He promised those under the altar is coming to pass. The Millennium Reign of Christ is quickly approaching and Christ will have the Victory.