The Millennial Reign of Christ – September 4, 2016

The Battle is Over! Satan has been bound and cast into the bottomless pit. Now the long awaited Millennial Reign of Christ, when the lion shall lay down with the lamb. Christ is ruling from His Throne in Jerusalem and there is PEACE. But even with Christ on the throne men’s hearts will still be rebellious. After the 1,000 years, Satan is loosed for a short season and they gather together against Him one last time. Satan is defeated and cast into the Lake of Fire. Death and Hell are called up before the Great White Throne and the Lost are judged according to their works. When their name is not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life they are also cast into the Lake of Fire. Our time is short, let us be about our Father’s business and proclaim the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

The Four Alleluias – August 21, 2016

The events of Revelation are coming to a close. John witnesses the scene in Heaven as the Praise and Worship of God continues. In the beginning of Revelation 19 we find 4 Alleluias, The Alleluia of Victory, of Vengeance, of Worship, and of the Wedding. The time has come for the Bride to be presented to the Lamb. She has made herself ready and will be presented spotless and without blemish to the LORD. Oh what a day that will be!

Babylon is Fallen – August 14, 2016

The Proclamation is announced, BABYLON IS FALLEN. There is nothing left for mankind to place their hope in. All material things are lost and there is nowhere else to turn. And again, before judgment falls, God calls His people to come out from among the heathen so that they may be saved. God’s Grace and Mercy is abundant. As the earth mourns, there is rejoicing in Heaven, because GOD IS ON THE THRONE. The vengeance He promised those under the altar is coming to pass. The Millennium Reign of Christ is quickly approaching and Christ will have the Victory.

The One World Religion – August 7, 2016

In Revelation 17, John sees the Harlot riding on the beast. The false religions, which have their roots at the Tower of Babel, is the doctrine this entity espouses. Anything that draws the people away from the truth and keeps them blinded to the Grace of God. We still see this false religion today and sadly many professing Christians are drawn away from the Truth. Today, we need to know the Gospel, we need to experience the Grace so that we may be able to defend and promote the TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. This one world religion that we see in the Tribulation is an instrument of Satan and the Anti-Christ and when the usefulness of this organization is over, she will be destroyed by Satan himself. Make no mistake, judgment is coming, either from the Hand of God or the treachery of Satan. Our challenge today: KNOW the TRUTH, DEFEND the TRUTH, PROMOTE the TRUTH.

The Fall of Babylon – July 24, 2016

Here in Revelation 14:8-20, the Fall of Babylon is announced and all who have worshipped and received the mark of the Beast will face the full wrath of God. The time of Judgment has come and there will be no escaping it. This is a warning to all who will stand against Christ, do not fool yourself, when judgment comes it will be swift, it will be complete and it will be final and for eternity.

Anti-Christ and the False Prophet – July 10, 2016

As we continue our study in Revelation we come to Chapter 13. This is the description of the Anti-Christ and the false prophet rising out of the sea and the earth. The power behind both of these individuals is the dragon, Satan himself. He causes these men to speak great blasphemies and to make to people pledge their allegiance by taking the mark in their right hand or forehead. And the number of the Beast is 666. Let us not be fooled these days are fast approaching. But Praise God as a Believer we will be spared this tribulation and we will be in heaven worshiping the true Lamb of God.

Trust Him

Here in Revelation 12 John speaks to the age long struggle that is between God, Israel, and Satan. Through the ages we find the conflict that has surrounded Israel is of a demonic nature. In verse 12 it states that “the dragon was wroth” because God has and always will protect Israel. Make no mistake, Israel is still God’s Chosen people and HE will defend her. As we look around us today in America we see chaos and distress, but rest assured God is still in control, He is moving and His purpose will be accomplished. So Trust Him and Him alone.