We are please to be able to offer Faith Bible Institute throughout the year.

Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a college level course for laymen that takes a journey through the entire Bible in 3 years.  One night a week we gather for 3 hours during a semester and study under the teaching of John Yates.  If you would like more information about the course, please check out Faith Bible Institutes Website (http://faithbibleinstitute.com/) where you can register to join us for the next semester.  You may also contact our church office for more information and can sit in for the first class of a semester to see if this is something God has for you to further your relationship with Him!

One of the great things about FBI is how you will walk away with an understanding of how all the Bible fits together.  In this clip, John Yates does a quick overview of the 10 simple steps of the Bible.